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The most sublime collection, full of naturalness that elevates femininity to its maximum expression

Celebrating femininity since 1922

Color and shine are combined to obtain results full of naturalness and luminosity.

Model 1 - Lauren

Removed previous tone:  Superblanc Violet + 5 vol Divina.Oxi + Vitamin. Recharge. Ohlàlà (fiber protector).

Root color: Divina.One 7.12 + Divina.Oxi 10 vol

Highlights: Superblanc Violet + Divina.Oxi 10 vol + Vitamin.Recharge Ohlàlà   

Toned with: 20g Divina.One 10.30 + 2g Divina.One 0.66

Time: 15 min.

Model 2 - Delia

Fine weaves of highlights: alrededor de la línea del cabello usando Superblanc Violet + Divina.Oxi 5 vol.   

Slices through halo section with fines weaves sectioned out on top and lightened: Superblanc Violet + Divina.Oxi 5 vol.

Toned with: 40g Divina.One 3.20+ Divina.Oxi 5 vol.

Time: 15 min.

Model 3 – Darcy

Full head of fine highlights using:
    a: Superblanc. Violet + Divina.Oxi  10vol + Vitamin. Recharge Ohlàlà como protector de fibra.
    b: Divina.One 901s + Divina.Oxi 30vol

Halo section:  Divina.One 10.30 + vol 5vol

Zig-zag section through hairline:  12.02 + 1.5g 0.44 + 5vo

Time: 15 min.


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