What is vegan hair colour? What are its benefits?

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coloracion vegana

What are the main differences between vegan and conventional hair dyes? Below we explain our new vegan hair colouring’s advantages. We’re sure you’ll be convinced!


Vegan cosmetics’ key feature is that they fully embrace veganism’s core values — they’re both animal- and environmentally friendly. Their plant-based ingredients possess powerful moisturizing and nourishing properties and are ideal for even the most highly sensitive skin types.

In the case of the plant-based hair dye used in vegan cosmetics, not only does it produce the same coverage as traditional colourings, but it’s also beneficial for our hair. The fact that its ingredients are natural and chemical-free eliminates scalp irritation while allowing our hair to absorb all of the plant-based ingredients’ nourishing properties, leaving locks looking glossy and healthy.


Divina Pure Veganis Eva Professional's new line of vegan hair- and planet-friendly permanent salon colour creams.

On the one hand, it's designed to create natural, non-harmful salon-quality hair colour. It’s completely free of PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) and ammonia, the main chemical causes of irritation in conventional hair products.

And on the other, it's designed to protect our planet. It hasn’t been tested on animals, contains only plant-based ingredients and is free of animal by-products. What’s more, it comes in environmentally friendly packaging that's 100% recyclable, its production process optimizes energy use from local sources, and it has FSC certification.

As for Divina Pure Vegan’s formula , its ingredients speak for themselves:

  • Rice protein: a powerful plant-based wetting agent that nourishes and repairs hair to leave it strengthened, glossy, soft and supple.
  • Brazil nut oil: gives the product powerful antioxidant and protective properties. Protects, nourishes and moisturizes hair to maximize shine and prevent drying.
  • Exclusive pigments: a wide range of high-performance, high-quality pigments.
  • K-rich oil: the formula’s secret ingredient. This powerful new active complex acts deep on hair to optimize the formula’s properties.
  • Although it has been designed to minimize allergic reaction, it's always necessary to perform an allergy test 48 hours before application to confirm it can be used safely, and the dye should always be applied by a colouring expert.


Advantages of vegan colouring

  1. It’s biggest advantage lies in the benefits it has for our hair and our health. Essentially, it means we’re not applying chemical dye to our heads, which is better for both our hair and the rest of our body.
  2. It protects the environment. It hasn’t been tested on animals, doesn’t involve any form of animal exploitation and every single one of its ingredients and active principles is free of animal by-products.
  3. It's ideal for people who suffer peeling, itching or other scalp problems. This type of colour also helps to regenerate and restore our hair's natural balance.
  4. It produces the same results as any conventional dye, but without harming our hair. In fact, it actually regenerates it!
  5. By regulating the amount of oil our scalps produce, vegan hair colourings help improve hair health and appearance.
  6. And they moisturize our tresses much more as, unlike conventional dyes, they don't clog the hair cuticles, allowing them to transpire more freely.


Here you can find Divina.Pure.Vegan!

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