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While living in lockdown, we realise what is most important. We have no choice. “I want to give you a hug! Why can’t I? But I love you... and I don’t know how to tell you.

I think you’re beautiful and I want to show you in a way I’ve never done before”.

Time for health, time for intense teleworking to keep the system going. Time that we can get through with flying colours if we all follow the #imstayinghome guidelines.  
Time to asses our own relationships: firstly with ourselves, secondly with our environment as a reflection of ourselves.

Time to do things that we just don’t have the chance to do under normal circumstances. And it’s times like these that we realise just how much we have to be grateful for and how much we miss what we can’t have. Because now we know that health, fair supply and plenty of creativity are the “key to surviving Covid-19 lockdown”.

But of everything that we’ve been told not to do out of safety and voluntary respect, we realise that what we’re missing most of all, the one thing at the top of the list, is hugging our loved ones. We’re missing family hugs, all the time, all day long.

We’re missing the closeness of contact, the magic of sharing things in person. Luckily, the internet and smartphones make it possible for us to connect, allowing us to see each other live and say that we’re still here, close, completely close. That, despite the distance, we’re still thinking of each other. Group apps help us to be with family and friends digitally:  Zoom, Houseparty, Skype.

Small gestures take on a significance: they’re thoughtful gestures that reinforce love; knowing that someone has thought about you, has dedicated their time to you and, of course, that they miss you.

So many birthdays, celebrations, good grades..., good news from friends, family, colleagues..., or people you want to say something to or thank for something... If receiving a gift normally makes you happy, now that you can’t go looking for one because you’re not allowed to go out and because your usual shops are closed, imagine how you would feel if suddenly the doorbell rang, and from a distance, following all safety guidelines, you were left a package from someone.

Eva Professional Hair Care Gift Cards

Don’t forget to wish someone happy birthday; make sure you say thanks for a gesture, a phone call, some service, a teleworking success; or treat your grandmother who is home alone, or a friend living far away. Treat your sister, mother or girlfriend who you can’t see, or even your partner at home who can’t go out. Tell them somehow, tell them you’re thinking of them, of their beauty as a person, of their beauty in general.

Although you’re apart, don’t stop hugging your family and friends so that they feel close to you...
There are gifts for women, gifts for men, visa gift cards, gift cards for different companies. But gift vouchers have a trick... a special token – love, a special gift token - a hug. One of the main differences is how they normally work:

In normal times, I would give you a gift voucher for your birthday or Christmas for one of your favourite brands or shops. Now, I also want to give you a hug, but I can’t do it in the usual way.
There’s a direct link between health and good looks, and since I love you, I want you to be beautiful, because that is how I always see you.

In his book “How Natural Medicine Cures”, Dr. Miguel Pros maintains that health and good looks are inseparable. I can’t imagine a more sincere gift card that lets your loved ones receive a lovely hair health routine at home, now that they have that “precious” time that they wouldn’t normally have. Beauty is just a reflection of the good looks that come from within.

According to behavioural biologists and neurologists, one factor is the love that you receive, and when you feel good, it radiates “in the form of being more beautiful”.

When you eat well, get plenty of fresh air, exercise, take vitamins, rest and use good products, your hair is more hydrated, fuller, shinier, less frizzy... Eva Professional Hair Care is one of those holistic beauty brands that cares for your hair but teaches you to care for your “self” from all angles.

A brand that cares for you from the inside to the outside, that invites you to be the best version of yourself.

Inspired by the first woman in history, it pays tribute to femininity, to Mother Nature, to the sublimation of care in general.

That’s why we’re offering you Eva “Hug Packs” in the form of gift vouchers and gift cards worth €20, €30 and €50. It’s very simple: visit our website, write your message and send it to the person you want to hug. A sentence is generated with a code, which your loved one will receive.

Your recipient chooses the products they want to receive conveniently at home.

Every day, during their hair care routine, they’ll feel your virtual hug. And if you access our blog, you can find hair care routines with our “hairfulness” movement: global holistic beauty that cares for the body and soul, with the hair taking centre stage.

They’ll be forever grateful to you, but especially now, because in times of basic necessity, it seems that no one takes care of themselves, that self-care can only be given to you by the one who loves you the most. During times of solidarity, it’s time to think about others, so now is the time to embrace your family, to give them love, beauty, and hugs.

Why give beauty?

When we see a beautiful person, we accept that they are healthy. Take care of yourself by eating, exercise at home, drink lots of water, meditate, read, cook and follow a hair beauty care routine to feel good on the inside and look it on the outside, especially if you receive a “virtual hug” from someone who loves you so much. That is what makes Eva Professional gift cards virtual hugs.

Fun fact: Spain is regarded as a great champion of hair care with its products, specialists, beauty salons and the scope of pioneering treatments in the world.

And Eva Professional is at the forefront of creating specific solutions for the scalp and various rituals for all hair concerns.

Give hair care solutions, give beauty, give Eva Professional

For years, hair health had been considered from a mainly dermocosmetic and aesthetic perspective, limited to the topical application of a range of preparations to cleanse, style and colour the hair and/or try to correct hair conditions. That is what makes Capilo one of our Premium Lines: a technical range with specific solutions for the scalp that cares for your hair, whatever the symptoms.

Currently, beauty in general is approached with a holistic vision, encompassing all factors, treatments and activities that can contribute to keeping the hair and scalp healthy, strong and aesthetically pleasing, not only at present but also in the future.
The hair is an extension of the skin, whose function - mainly to protect against solar radiation and low temperatures - has been losing relevance compared to its purely aesthetic dimension. Nowadays, a person’s hair is considered a key part of their image, and now you have time to take care of it at home, following healthy routines that require a little more time.

The hair is a bodily structure which is exposed to the cold, snow, sun, dyes, and all kinds of products. As a result, it’s prone to becoming dirty easily, so washing it is one of the basics of hair care. Our Vitamin Recharge Detox&co. is a specific product for purifying and oxygenating the scalp and hair, leaving the hair fibre detoxed and ready to be pampered with other products.

Hair health problems that can be resolved with an Eva Professional gift card

Discussing hair health inevitably involves mentioning the most common benign hair dysfunctions and/or disorders which, as well as being unsightly, can psychologically affect the people living with them (low self-esteem, complexes, social rejection, etc.) The most common or worrying conditions include:

Alopecia is temporary or permanent, general or partial hair loss due to many reasons. It is caused by an imbalance in the physiological cadence of the different phases of hair development.
Most cases are reversible; androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, traumatic alopecia and telogen effluvium are the most common types and are caused by temporary functional alterations to the hair follicle. Therefore, in many cases they subside more or less easily if the causes of their appearance are blocked. View our Capilo solutions.
You can view our special products for alopecia here.

Dandruff is an exacerbated flaking condition of the scalp, accompanied by slight itching. It is caused by an accelerated basal epidermal cell renewal process, which forms the characteristic whitish cells that get stuck in the hair or fall onto the shoulders.
You can view our special products for dandruff here.

Sebaceous hypersecretion resulting from the functional disorder of the sebum-producing glands in the scalp. The hair ends up looking greasy, shiny and sticky, capturing environmental contaminants more easily.
You can view our special products for grease here.

Condition resulting from damage to the hair surface, causing the cuticle scales to lose their structure, which is why the hair appears rough and dull, brittle and tangles easily.
You can view our special products for dryness here.

Shampoos are hair hygiene cosmetics par excellence. They are required to be dermocompatible and respect the hair pH and are used to remove dirt from the hair and scalp, without damaging the cuticle or negatively altering the stratum corneum. They should smell nice, not cause irritation, and have visible results.
You can view our cleansing balsams here.

Hair conditioners are usually associated with shampooing. They were initially designed to be applied and rinsed off after shampoo to counteract the potential negative effects of excessive hair lipid removal resulting from washing. Conditioning shampoos subsequently appeared which, achieving the desired effect, saved time and provided consumers with greater convenience by reducing product application from two to one.
The latest trends lead us to consider conditioners as treatment products, enhanced by leave-in formulations (products that do not need to be rinsed) that can be left on the hair for longer and include active ingredients with different functions. You’ll really love Vitamin Recharge Oh Là Là.

Shampoos, masks, balsams and lotions are the most used formulations, effectively combining both their hygienic properties and their specific claims in each treatment.

Every solution that you could think of, accompanied by all the phrases and words that you could imagine. Lots of love, lots of pampering, lots of care, and a virtual hug with your loved one.

At the moment, loving from afar is the only solution, but it’s filled with a thousand possibilities. Lots of people, lots of hair, lots of beauty, lots of worlds, and all of them are part of the Eva Professional world.

Never was hugging from afar so lovely or so easy than with the Eva Professional gift card.


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